High performance and a great price?  With an Earthworm caving lamp this is a reality.

Earthworm is a range of UK designed and built caving lights that have features of lights double or 3 times the price.  Our custom UK made electronics, headset and battery case complete the package. There is a single accessible switch on the top of the headset to operate all LEDs. It’s waterproof and cave proof, guaranteed to IP67. The headset can be returned for firmware and hardware upgrades as new technology becomes available. If you are looking for a straight forward high performance light at a great price, then you can’t do better than an Earthworm.

There are 3 models available :

Earthworm 3 Solo £225
Entry level light with single LED and lightweight battery

Earthworm 3 Dual £325
High power light with spot and flood LED and high capacity battery

Earthworm 3 Multi £399
Specialist photography and video light with 6 LEDs


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