High performance and a great price?  With an Earthworm caving lamp this is a reality.
Featuring UK made headset and electronics the Earthworm cave light has features of lights double or 3 times the price.  Our custom UK made headset and bracket complete the package. There is a single accessible switch on the top of the headset to operate both LEDs. It’s waterproof and cave proof, guaranteed to IP67. The headset can be returned for firmware* and hardware upgrades as new technology becomes available. If you are looking for a straight forward high performance light at a great price, then you can’t do better than an Earthworm.

Earthworm 2+
Two LEDs giving great lighting for all types of caving. Low power warning and stamina mode.

  • only £275
  • spot and flood LED
  • up to 1200 lumen
  • compatible with a wide range of helmets via a spade fitting
  • low power warning
  • machined aluminium headset
  • 40 hours light in low power
  • stamina mode giving many hours of low level light when the battery is nearly flat
  • battery and headset both weigh under 250 grams
  • guaranteed to IP67, immersion in 1 metre of water for 30mins

Power settings and run time

  • 60lm – 40 hours – spot
  • 120lm – 20 hours – spot
  • 240lm – 10 hours – spot & flood
  • 480lm – 5 hours – spot & flood
  • 1200lm – limited to 2 mins – spot & flood

Earthworm 2+ with high capacity battery
The same battery case with high capacity cells.

only £299

Power settings and run time

  • 60lm – 60 hours
  • 120lm – 30 hours
  • 240lm – 15 hours
  • 480lm – 7 hours
  • 1200lm – limited to 2 mins

*The firmware is software written into the chip that controls power settings, low power  warning and battery check.